Building on Innovation

Published On: 8 September 2015


In a continued effort to leverage new ways of engaging and understanding problems from multiple perspectives, we have recently become members with CanBIM. A Canadian organization focused on promoting and educating the industry on the benefits and best practises of Building Information Modelling (BIM), our membership with CanBIM promises to refine our capabilities as well connect us with like minded design professionals, who actively participate in this realm.

In an era of digital design, we have the ability to virtually iterate, simulate and test all aspects of conceptual design. As a result, we can creatively tailor solutions that are unique and appropriate to our clients and context, prior to breaking ground. Currently working with 3D technology, our office creates and presents our work through design visualizations and animations, allowing for dimensional perspective and active client participation. Additionally, building these data-rich models, allows us to link to real-time databases and develop data sets applicable to a variety of end uses, including energy modelling, material quantities, cost estimating, sequencing and reporting, as well as fabrication.

Currently, the profession of Landscape Architecture has little to no representation within BIM industry, especially within the Canadian context.  As such, we look forward to a continued involvement in supporting CanBIM in their mandate to expand and unify BIM implementation in Canada, as well as challenge our own creative potential as designers.

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