Celebrating the Art of Canadian Artist, Brian M. Atyeo

Published On: 10 November 2014


It has been almost 25 years ago since I first discovered Brian Atyeo and his art. I was immediately captured by the intensity of his work and recall the moment when I happened into a rather unpretentious, and at the time unknown forum, Harbour Gallery in Port Credit, that had only recently begun to represent him. On November 15th of this year, Harbour Gallery will open an exhibition celebrating their 25 year relationship with Brian which is said to reflect upon his past works, showing paintings from many distinct series, and features the release of a new collection.

I like others, consider myself fortunate to have observed his incredibly successful career and to see his evolution as an artist. Our office has had the opportunity to acquire Brian’s work though the Harbour Gallery, establishing a relationship that allows us to keep abreast of Brian’s work and the legacy of artists of his calibre.

His works have explored many subjects using various mediums and techniques. Works in our collection include Madawaska and Autumn Portage which represent the traditional nature of his style and vibrancy of colour.

Brian’s work has constantly reflected the essence of where he found himself geographically in Canada which is well represented in his current thoughts and images. I have always found his work to be expressive and authentic and have learned much from it.  His paintings featuring moving water intrigue me the most. I have always been taken by Brian’s ability to capture the mood and energy of that movement in his paintings, leading me to seek out exhibitions featuring his work.

I had the honour of being introduced to Brian by Jackie Bryant, the Director of Harbour Gallery. He was eager to engage in a personal conversation discussing the motivators of his work and insights that teaching has provided him. Brian considers his constant search for life experience the reason his art reflects a “Unique condition of self”.