CUSP in Chicago, Illinois

Published On: 7 October 2015


CUSP refers to itself as “A conference about the design of everything”, bringing people from different worlds of  advertising, architecture planning, broadcasting, consumer electronics, corporate communications, education, filmmaking, furniture, graphic design, industrial design, international tax law, journalism, learning technology, manufacturing, medicine, music, not-for-profit, technology, theater, philanthropy, public relations, public transportation, publishing, printing, research, social science, web analytics.

This crosswalk of different paths created opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who think broad, yet champion perspectives that force you grow your circle of ideas. The conference set the tone to expect the unexpected and broke down barriers that are usually met with the front of sticking to one’s own.

At the conference, we enjoyed over 20 thought-provoking personalities who delivered presentations to inspire ways to design a better future. The experience of being put in unfamiliar environments with unpredictable outcomes forces you to think differently.

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