Earth Charter Celebration Day at DUDOC Vancouver

Published On: 20 July 2016


Respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace: these are the principles that had founded the Earth Charter Initiative and continue to be upheld and applied through various worldwide collaborative efforts of education, awareness campaigning, policy and governance reformation, and community building. On June 29th, 2016, The Dutch Urban Design Centre (DUDOC) in Vancouver had opened doors for an evening event of speakers and local community activists and leaders to celebrate Earth Charter Day. As an Earth Charter Endorser and participant, we were invited to show case projects demonstrating concepts of relevance to the Earth Charter and the principles it champions, as well as attend and explore the constellations of thoughts and actions that can emerge when a group of like-minded change-makers convene for a shared cause. We presented the concept in a three-panel frame, converging the pillars of Ecology, Economy and Culture, each with a story to tell of how sites of various scales and backgrounds can satisfy needs of ecological, cultural and economic nature through on-the-ground innovations and intervention and the principle-based design approach. Here is its journey of making its way to the venue: 

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