Robson Redux 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Published On: 13 February 2015


This month, the POPOVICH Team submitted a proposal for the Robson Redux 2015 Design-Build Competition, which brought back a concept centred on reviving the playful game of String Telephone in a socially engaging urban design response.

This year, the theme was inspired by the freedom to be oneself. FREEDOM TO, offers a playful and interpretive means to express and explore by utilizing the strength of diversity that Vancouver life boasts.

This cultural condenser creatively uses techniques of proximity and interaction/discovery to intrigue passersby, in effort to extract, reveal and share one’s opinions, habits, customs, characteristics or stories with those nearby.

Drawing on its intrinsic values of inclusivity and wholeness, a circle is the natural choice as the installations form system. Additionally, the spherical shape offers organic, multi-directional seating options to facilitate moments of solace or sociality within Robson Square’s urban infrastructure. The central feature element, “SPEAKEASY”, works cohesively between the installation’s form system and the distinction of this installation’s intended meaning –through reflection. Ultimately, FREEDOM TO, is a celebration of expression sustained by the individuals who define it.

We look forward to another year of participating in Robson Redux’s creative commitment to adding colour to Vancouver’s streets with temporary landscapes.