Cool Gardens 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Published On: 7 January 2015


Learn about the POPOVICH Team’s recent proposal, “In.grained” submitted for the Cool Gardens 2015 Competition in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The competition features a public exhibition of art and garden installations focused on the theme of “cooling” the summer along the downtown waterfront of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Through the discovery and translation of minute details within Winnipeg’s culture and context, in.grained achieves an installation which is contemporary and relevant by providing an interactive and representational experience. Drawing inspiration from the regions Agricultural and Textile heritage, these elements coalesce into a palette that is comforting and familiar, while offering fresh experiences and perspectives.

Organic and nodal the concept’s arrangement follows loose-flowing poles, presenting a unique visual and audible experience reminiscent of iconic prairie wheat fields. Macro scaled wheat grains provide ample seating that is comfortable and conscious of lifecycle. A luxury within the urban environment, these malleable pod seats provide patrons with the opportunity to reflect on past memories, while generating new ones through relaxation and solace.

Either for group interaction or shade and seclusion, within this setting, users are encouraged to move and adjust the furniture as needed. In.grained entices dialogue between visitors of all ages, through contemplation and conversation regarding the possibilities of cultural experiences both past and future.

To view our submission and others, please have a look here:


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