Limit to Live It 2015 in Segovia, Spain

Published On: 26 May 2015


“The truth is that we all live by leaving behind..."

In This  Moment is the POPOVICH Team’s recent submission to Limit to Live It 2015 Competition that sought out ideas for a lighting design to transform  a significant historical landmark in the City of Segovia in Spain, the north side of the 1.5-kilometre long Wall of Segovia.

In This Moment proposes a consideration of the passage of time and how it shapes our memory of a place or object. As the Wall of Segovia stands today, nightfall and sunrise choreograph a repetitive environmental phenomenon of its disappearance and re-appearance; as light diffusion shifts and the Wall’s visibility in the landscape recedes or saturates.

This lighting installation aims to heighten viewers’ attention to this subtle occurrence by mimicking the movement of light in the sky through colour gradients varying by time of day, and fluid motions of water implying the fleeting notion of time. In the daytime, the Wall is re-animated in texture as reflections of water ripples fall on the Wall’s surface, permeating global light. The wall re-emerges in the night with the fall of dusk, as it blends with the horizon with brilliant luminescent LED colours.  As a result, the observer questions the meaning of time and temporality in shaping our memory and the in the moment idea of the presence of this historical monument - and its permanence in our minds as time slowly passes...

The Backbone of this installation would be provided by iGuzzini’s Linealuce Compact, due to its compact size, energy efficiency and broad options of beam angles. Installed in continuous rows, these luminaries would be adjusted to wash the entire height of the wall in light, displaying a predetermined colour range, derived utilizing digital media, extracting the changing hues of Segovia’s sky from Dusk until Dawn.

As a custom enhancement to the glass screen of these luminaries, our concept applied Plexiglas® to their vertical faces, thus creating continuous open air channels which would be filled with water. Enhancing this feature, small solar powered water pumps are placed at periodic intervals along the channels length creating subtle movements in the water adding to the liveliness of the light projection.


In This Moment Board 2