Robson Redux 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Published On: 4 May 2014


For Robson Square’s 2014 temporary summer installation, in Vancouver, B.C., the POPOVICH Team wanted to bring a splash of colour and vibrance to the pedestrian street with ‘MTNS’, with inclusivity in mind to engage users across all ages.

‘MTNS’ invites the public to explore their imagination and provides an urban retreat for relaxation amongst a stylized abstraction of the local mountains of British Columbia, shaded by the clouds. Modeled after contemporary ‘pop-art’ design, this experiential landscape installation bridges interests between tourists, locals, patrons, and cultural enthusiasts by creating a socially dynamic micro-environment.

In varying sizes, the design structure consisted of mountains and clouds that were conjured in three main phases. The first consisting of wooden structure and support; the following involving the application of surface materials and treatments to provide the ‘pop-art’ feel of plasticized facades; and the finished layer with the clouds re-emphasizing the ‘pop’ effect.

The lifecycle of ‘MTNS’ was also considered, benefiting the community and environment, as the structures can be extended through donation and adaptation into playground pieces, or fully recycled.

With input from The Globe and Mail, ‘Private space or public park? Revealing Toronto’s in-between spots’, September 27, 2013