On Sustainability: Copenhagen, Denmark

Published On: 26 January 2015


The On Sustainability Conference brought together a community of professionals and academics who share a common concern for sustainability in a holistic perspective, where environmental, cultural, economic and social concerns intersect. As a first-time delegate, Stephen embarked on a journey to the exemplary land of sustainable design and community practice, and cycling central of the world, Copenhagen, Denmark. Unlike other conferences, On Sustainability structures itself around principles that it considers essential to all diversified knowledge, those being international, interdisciplinary, inclusive and interactive. This is particular in their encouragement of delegates of diversified disciplines, backgrounds and professional streams who come together at the event only in the shared concern and heart for community and resiliency, resulting in unbounded perspectives that are far-reaching, interdisciplinary recognition and innovative connections made with cross-disciplinary methods.

Some of the topics of highest relevance under the umbrella of the theme were Role of Society and Culture in Urban Sustainability, New Directions in Sustainable Communities, Design and Sustainability, Sustainability Policy and Practice, Assessment of Environmental Sustainability and Resilience. The common ground that established the premise of all discourses on approaches and methodologies was the globally-aligned goal-setting and platforms of impact that sought to describe how their applications and adaptations would take shape. These included but were not limited to: ending poverty, ending hunger and achieving food security, ensure inclusive and equitable education, achieve gender equality, ensure availability and sustainable management of water, ensure access to affordable, sustainable and reliable energy, increase the safety, sustainability, and inclusivity of human settlements.