Community Empowerment through Participatory Design

Published On: 20 January 2016


As part of the POPOVICH social responsibility initiative, team members have been working with Parkdale Community Residents and non-profit organizations to guide a participatory design process for a community-appropriate outdoor, social gathering space.

At POPOVICH one of our core values is responsibility.  Within our interpretation of this value, we include our accepted shared, corporate social responsibility to apply our professional skill sets for the betterment and empowerment of communities and/or the planet.

For just over one year now, Kendall has worked with a group of dedicated community organizations and participants within the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto, to design an outdoor social gathering and central community space through participatory design with the residents of Parkdale.  Along with Greenest City (an established non-profit community empowerment organization), Monika Kokoszka (a collaborator in participatory process facilitation), and the Friends of Masaryk Park and Melbourne Parkette community organization – we have facilitated a participatory design process, where Parkdale community members collectively identified their needs, wishes, goals and trepidations for an outdoor community gathering space and translated these concepts into a fully implementable design.

The ‘Our Outdoor Community Space’ project is now pursuing the approvals, funding and material/construction partnerships that will be necessary to implement phase one of project build-out.  POPOVICH continues to contribute support and services to the Greenest City as they pursue grant funding opportunities and City approval for this project.

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