Our ‘Sustainable Home’

Published On: 10 October 2014


Last week Georgina and Kendall decided to go on a lunchtime adventure to have some fun and show our appreciation for the new CycleLoan program offered by Mississauga Executive Centre (MEC). POPOVICH is proud to have our offices located within an office campus owned and run by progressive thinkers. By combining use of the CycleLoan program with our in-office bicycle fleet – we can now hold mobile office breaks, field trips and information meetings.

Our team feels completely at home at MEC, in seeing that our own company values are actively reflected in this location. CycleLoan is only one of many programs and efforts being undertaken by the MEC Ownership and Management Group, purposefully turning the office campus onto a sustainable trajectory.

Active transportation is one aspect of sustainability that the POPOVICH Team has embraced. At the moment:

30% of our team members have chosen a car-free lifestyle

45% of our team members participate in either use of public transit or a voluntarily run office carpool


100% of our team members are incredibly excited by the many public transit improvements lined up to improve connectivity to our office location including: Mississauga bike lane network (Downtown 21), Mississauga-Brampton Hurontario north/south Light Rail Line, Eglinton Avenue east/west Bus Rapid Transit Line and All day GO Train service from KW (but Guelph most importantly) to Union!