The intersection of policy,
economy, ecology, urban
design, and architecture.

POPOVICH is an esteemed design and consulting firm based out of Toronto with a global footprint.

We collaborate with progressive clients, stakeholders, and partners to envision and create sustainable and resilient places that support, enhance, and reinvigorate the communities within which we live. We are a cohort of strategists, economists, ecologists, designers, and builders delivering locally appropriate solutions built on global strategies informed by earned experience in Canada, the United States, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

The vision, design, management, and execution strategy we bring to your project — tempered with collaborative principles and processes — builds strong relationships and design solutions that will stand the test of time.

Bringing Life to Space™

Through our design process, we strive to empower by and through metrics of strategic fit and design excellence. We are defined by an extensive portfolio of successful local and international strategic planning initiatives exemplifying POPOVICH’s unique approach to campus and community planning, urban design, and sustainable development solutions.

We build partnerships with our clients, transforming their vision into an implementable strategy: identifying opportunities and optimizing outcomes while integrating economic viability, ecology, and community needs.

Our strategic process is grounded in principles defined through identifying and responding to each site’s unique economic, social, ecological, and community objectives.

Our approach enables a thriving contextual and cultural integrity, resulting in project-specific solutions. We believe a project’s vision, development, management, and execution strategy should be approached with collaborative principles and processes to create and build strong, lasting relationships with all stakeholders.

Our mission is to be innovative, efficient, and timely.