The intrinsic advantage POPOVICH embraces is our unique culture. As our organization matures and grows, we explore innovative approaches to share our beliefs with our team, our clients, and all who dream of collaborating with us. Our culture is built on our core values, which are reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have.  

We collaborate, excite, inspire, create, include, modify, adapt, and redefine. Open-minded, open-sourced, optimistic, and passionate, we are part of a bigger world. A world of equal individuals ready to engage in business models and partnerships that advance transformative social change today and into the future.

We not only manage constant change; we expect and embrace it. We are on a neverending quest to improve our processes, perspectives, and opinions. With constant change and evolution, we maintain the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Curiosity is fueled by innovation; we seek opportunities to fully engage in the work we are involved with now so we can continue to improve the work we have yet to do.

We are bold but not reckless. We are cautious yet unafraid. We take risks as a team, learning from each other and each experience to gain essential insight and wisdom to inform and implement better decisions.
We are eager to stretch personally and professionally. We work constantly to unlock the boundless potential within our team. We will never be perfect, but we rally and rise to this challenge. We solve problems by learning, growing, and meeting them head-on.
We are an open book. Practicing honesty and integrity when interacting with others leads to strong relationships built on trust and faith. We leverage the strength of these relationships to accomplish much more than we could achieve on our own.
Our goal is not to build a team but a family. Our practice is intent on removing the obstacles and enabling success from bottom to top. Whatever role you play on our team, you are encouraged to take initiative and collaborate. We watch out for each other and care for one another, working and playing together.
We constantly seek ways to make ourselves, our organization, and our processes more efficient. We exceed expectations by insisting on high standards and using the same or fewer resources than the previous project.
We passionately believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We maintain a positive and optimistic attitude that inspires everyone around us.
We celebrate our successes, but do not rest on our laurels. Despite our accomplishments, there will always be challenges ahead, and we embrace these opportunities. In all circumstances, we are respectful of everyone. We believe in quiet confidence; in the long run, our character will speak for itself.

We believe in interaction and sharing freely what we possess in abundance: our knowledge, energy, and passion for making cities great.